Watch us grow

This is why all of our dogs are spayed/neutered.

Jessie a 10 month old lab/smooth collie that we rescued from a shelter in the middle of October. After her 2 week quarantine period we took custody of her at the end of October. She found a great foster home who decided to adopt her. We were finalizing the adoption and waiting for the appointment to have Jessie spayed. Imagine my surprise when the foster mom called to say that she thought Jessie was pregnant. After doing some research we figured out that she was 20-24 days pregnant when we got her.  Unfortunately this was not caught by the shelter or the vet clinic where she stayed for her quarantine period. Now we have to deal with it.

The adoptive mom contacted me on Nov. 29th to tell me that Jessie has gone into labor. We rushed to get her to my house (about a 2 hour drive).  The foster mom has never had a dog that had puppies and was concerned for the safety of Jessie and her babies incase something went wrong and she wouldn’t know what to do.


Jessie was about 9 months old when she came to us and only 10 months old when she delivered the first of thirteen puppies.  She looked confused as to what was happening to her. I stayed with her all night and then at 9am the morning of Nov. 30th she delivered her first puppy. She was standing up and it dropped out. She had the cutest look on her face; she looked at me as to say, what is that? She stood there and watched the newborn puppy. I tried to coax her to take care of it, once she figured it out she was very good. She is just a baby herself; a baby raising babies. She is an awesome mom. She is very protective of her babies. She lets me hold them but not to long. If she wants them back she will come and take the baby out of my hand and gently carry it back to bed.


On this page you can watch the puppies grow.  She has two puppies that are very small and weak. We didnt know she was pregnant so she was given a rabies shot. I have done some reading on a pregnant dog getting a reabies shot and  that is not good for the babies. None were born dead and all seemed good but it didnt take long to realize that two were in trouble. They don’t have enough strength to nurse off of their mother so I am hand feeding them. I also try to get them to nurse off mommy but they just can’t seem to do it. I am afraid they may not make it. They are about a quarter of the size of the others.  I am hoping to post at least one new picture of the babies every week. We are hoping that after the 8 weeks with mommy we will have forever homes for them to go to. As you watch them grow and you see one(s) that you would like to meet then please let me know and we will set something up.

I have a plea for help. I will have Jessie and the puppies for at least 8 weeks and will need several things if anyone can spare them. I am in need of:

Old towels (tears or holes are fine)

Old blankets (tears or holes are fine)

Purina Beneful Healthy weight dog food (would like to keep Jessie on the same food as she is used to)

Purina Beneful puppy food, it wont be cheap to feed 13 puppies  (When the puppies are ready to eat on their own)

Small puppy collars

Puppy pads

If you would like to donate please let us know. If you would like to donate cash or mail a check please contact me and I will give you the address. 100% of all donations will go to the care of Jessie and her babies.

Thank you in advance for your help.


I am also looking for a crib to help me keep the puppies confined to one area. If anyone has an old crib that they no longer need please email me.

I have received a crib. Thank you for your help.


 ****Thank you to all who have answered my plea for help and donated items to help these sweet little puppies.
12-2-2011 Two more puppies are in trouble now. I dont know if it is because of Jessie getting the rabies shot while she was pregnant or not but now I have four puppies that are too weak to nurse from mommy. It is really hard to watch these sweet little puppies stuggle to take a breath. 

I am sorry to have to tell you that we lost 2 puppies today.  The first puppy, was the smallest of the litter (rose) and died on its own minutes before I was leaving to take them to the vet. The second one, the second smallest (Lilly), she made it to the vet but she had a clef pallet. She was so little and the vet said it would take at least one surgery most likely more because of the severity of her condition. The two other puppies that I took in weighed 6 and 8 ozs and Lilly was about half the size.  I am tube feeding the other two puppies (Mikey and Sara) I also make a home incubator. They were so cold to the touch but not they are warm with full bellies, hopefully they will be strong enough soon that they can nurse off their mother. Jessie doesn’t like to be separated from them.


For being such a young mother Jessie is doing great at taking care of all of her puppies. We did have an accident today. Jessie in making a nice place for her babies to rest she digs in the blanket to get it the way she wants. Well today in her digging she hit one of the puppies and cut her. So I made my second trip to the vet for the day. The vet was awesome; he takes Friday afternoons off so he had left for the day. After his receptionist called other vets in the area, no one would treat her they were to busy, His receptionist called him and he can back to trip the puppy. What more could you want from a vet.
12-3-2011  There is more bad news today but also some good news. Sara, passed away during the night. The vet said that we would know within 24 hours. I feel so bad for Jessie, she is looking all over the house for her. She looks under every blanket, pillow, on the couch, she jumps up and puts her paws on my counter and looks back and forth for her. She has looked in the incubator that I made many times today. I can see her walking around and looking anywhere and everywhere she might be.


On another note Mikey is doing so good. I am no longer tube feeding him, he is nursing from Jessie. His body temperature is good and holding. I think he is out of the woods.

12-5-2011 All ten puppies are doing good today. I received a crib today and have been working on altering it to make it a safe confinement area for the puppies to grow, pictures will come in the future. I figured out which one will be the bully or at least he is showing signs of it.
12-9-2011  All the puppies are doing great. I can't believe how much they have grown in just nine days. They sleep alot but when I hold them they snuggle up to me. They are just so cute. They are getting around pretty good and spread out more when they sleep. For some reason Jessie has been carrying them around out side of the bed they are in. I took pictures of them today which you can see below. They are not easy to get pictures of because they dont stop moving.
12-11-2011 All the puppies are doing so good, growing everyday. They are starting to crawl out of the area they are in. Its so cute they crawl out and then get so far and then just cry because they can't find their way back. Miranda opened her eyes today. Everything I read they werent suppose to open their eyes til they are 3 weeks old so she is about a week early.  They are all so cute sometimes when I pet them or rub their necks they will back at me in the custest bark I have ever heard.  Isnt she the cutest little thing with her tongue sticking out?

 12-11-2011 All the puppies are doing great . Zorro opened his eyes today.

12-13-2011 The puppies are starting to be able to hold their weight. The can stand up and some of them can take a few wobbly steps. It is so cute to watch.

12-14-2011 Here are a few pictures of the puppies and Jessie. The picture of Jessie laying with my cat, that is the cat that Jessie would try to attack until my cat stood on her hind legs and repeatedly  hit Jessie on her nose. It was kind of funny Jessie just stood there and took it until I grabbed her collar and pulled her away. Now Jessie doesnt bother my cats unless they get near her puppies.  Compare the soda can picture with the one taken Nov 30th the day they were born to see how much they have grown in just two weeks.

  12-19-2011 I would like to take a moment to take those that have made donations. We received a large bag of dog food, large bag of puppy food and a small bag of puppy food today. That will help a lot when the puppies start eating puppy food and Jessie is eating so much now which helps to feed the babies. A great big thank you for your generosity.

Because we are limited on the amount of space with have on the website I have set up a facebook page for those of you that would like to see more pictures. Please friend us on facebook. Search for us: Jessies Babies is the name. The babies are growing fast. They are starting to walk a lot more even thou they have a lot of problems walking on kitchen floor they keep trying. They are also learning not to go to the bathroom where they sleep. They wobble off the blanket to go to the bathroom on the floor which makes it more difficult to for them to walk. They are starting to play with one another. This is the fun part of having puppies in the house. They are learning new things everyday now and getting so big.

Come to facebook for more pictures.

12-20-2011 The puppies are getting so big Jessie can keep up with what they need to eat so I started them on mush puppy food. They were so cute and loved it. I have put about 40 pictures on our face book page for everyone to see. If you are having problems finding it and would like to join us please let me know at

12-26-2011  I have been posting pictures on Jessies facebook page. If you can't findus on facebook let me know and I will invite you. Jessie is starting to wean the puppies. They are not ready yet and still want her but she doesnt go by them much at all. They are getting so big and playing with each other. Their walk is so cute it looks like they are marching solders.

 12-30-2011 The puppies are growing fast. There are running and playing with each other. They seem to like the soft toys to play with but Jessie thinks they are hers and will take them away from the puppies. They are eating more, they still want momma but Jessie isnt interested in feeding them at all.