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Adoption fair dogs

We need to rehome these dogs as soon as possible.  They don't have a lot of time. Adoption fees must be prepaid and is non refundable. The dogs will be brought here once we have people that want to adopt them. It may be a week or so until they will be available , Once we have adoptive homes from them they will be driven here. You must be available to pick them up once they arrive. If you are interested in any of these dogs please fill out an adoption application and we will get in touch with you. If you have any questions please email me at Please help these dogs.


Reba, 2-3 yrs old, spayed, micro chipped, current on shots. Slight HW positive, but on monthy Heartgard and she should test negative in about a year. Good with cats, male dogs and some small female dogs. She is housebroken, but does not like to be kept in a crate. She loves to play ball and with her stuffed animals that she is ever so gentle with and never tears them up.

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown. 2 1/2 yrs old. Neutered male. Good with most dogs and ok with cats, but sometimes likes to chase them. Housebroken, crate trained.. He knows his basic commmand and is well behaved


Deja is looking for her new forever home. She is now 3 months old. She will be spayed in another month and will get her rabies shot and micro chip. She loves eveyone, but can be kind of "puppy rough" on the cats!! She is working on her house breaking.


Destiny female, about 2 yrs old. Will be spayed. She will also be current on shots. She was found running down the highway and she was in heat. She gets along with dogs and cats. Loves to ride in the car. She knows basic commands and is really well behaved. I think she is a Beagle/shar pai mix. She has the coat of a shar pai but the body of a beagle. She weighs about 29 pounds.


Thumper, about 1 1/2 yrs old. Unneutered male, current parvo distemper shot. Thumper loves everyone!! He is a really lovable dog and likes to sit in your lap...thank goodness he ony weighs about 14 pounds. I named him Thumper because when he was in the platic crate, all you heard was thump, thump, thump. His tail never seems to stop wagging. He is a very happy dog

Joey, not available

Joey  is 2-3 yrs old, neutered, current on shots, micro chip and HW- and on prevention monthly. He is an unusual dog. He is part BASSETT, part bully breed. He is short like a bassett, with the toed out feet. He knows his basic commands. He is good with most dogs, and should be cautious with cats. He plays too rough. He is such a good boy and loves to get attention. He is crate trained and housebroken.

Josh,not available

Josh 3 yrs old, 24 pounds,neutered, current on shots, micro chipped and has been through his heartworm treatments so is now HW- Josh is good with dogs, cats and horses. Very lovable and well behaved. Does well off leash as well and does not run off. Housebroken and loves to "play" in a big dog crate, but loves to snuggle at night.

Merle and Bandit, not available

Bandit and Merle are brothers that were abandoned and are now neutered and on HW preventative. They are housebroken, good with dogs, cats and horses. I would like to see them stay together because you never see one without the other, but I want them to get good homes, so if they HAVE to be seperated, I will.


Merle is on the right. He is about 2 1/2 yrs old, neutered male. Current Parvo Dist and on monthly HW preventative. He is good with dogs and cats. But he will chase them, so it is best not to leave him alone with them.


Bandit on the left,  2 1/2 yrs old...Merle's brother. Neutered, on HW preventative, current parvo/dist shot. Good with dogs, cats and horses. Very affectionate and likes to "lean" on your legs to show affection.


Breed : Terrier / Papillon

Gender : Female

Color : White / Brown

Size : Medium


Duke of Cute

Breed : Retriever, Labrador / Mix

Age : 3 months

Gender : Male

Color : Black / White

Size : Medium

Shepard/lab mix

Both puppies about 3 months old.